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Skee TV and Girly Locker Room Joins Fandom Sport

Fandom Sports Media to Create Exclusive content With World Renowned Media Icon DJ Skee and Jackie James of Girly Locker Room


September 12, 2016




Santa Monica, California –


SKEE TV and Girly Locker Room djskee

Fandom Sports Media Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTC: FDMSF) (FRANKFURT: TQ42) (“Fandom Sports” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce as part of the newly formed creative strategy, the Company has engaged Scott Keeney of SKEE TV, and Jackie James of Girly Locker Room, to create exclusive premium content for the Company. Scott Keeney, also known to the entertainment and sport worlds, as DJ Skee, will host a series of short form digital content pieces around sports, athletes and fans. Jackie James of Girly Locker Room, will host a series of sports related content segments that concentrate more on the lifestyle aspect of sports.

Fandom Sport Content

FanDom Sports’ content is created in short form, which is easily digestible to the sports fan both inside the app and on line. Known as the man behind the entire marketing campaigns and promotions for the popular TMobile Sidekick in the mid-2000s, DJ Skee has orchestrated campaigns for the launch of the Chrysler 300 & Dodge Magnum in 2004, Google’s Android Platform, nearly every major record label in the world, and more. DJ Skee also has been active in the sports space writing for ESPN and working with athletes and sports leagues including Adrian Peterson, Kevin Durant, and Clayton Kershaw, Jamaal Charles, Floyd Mayweather, the NFL, MLB, NHL and more. In 2011, the Los Angeles Lakers used DJ Skee’s Purp & Yellow (SKEETOX Remix) as the theme song for the season and may have been one of the most public examples of his works blurring the lines between sports and music. Its accompanying music video debuted at #1 on MTV.com.

Jackie James Girly Locker Roomjackiej

Jackie James is the Creator and Host of Girly Locker Room, a sports and entertainment show focused on promoting the pop culture side of the games while defeating stereotypes and connecting an unlikely audience to traditional sports fans and athletes. Girly Locker Room translates the world of sports to the masses in fun and relatable ways. As an active influencer and catalyst of change, Jackie’s fresh perspective amplifies the way sports are received while strengthening and empowering the athletic community.

The FanDom Sports app thrives on both fan generated content and curated content, and for this round of premiere content, FanDom Sports has brought in two seasoned media veterans to lead this series of exclusive digital content. “Fandom Sports Media is a curator of premiere sports content directed at the super sports fan,” said FanDom Sports Chairman and CEO Blair Naughty. “Today, Fandom is excited to announce a major video shoot in Los Angeles to create custom content for the sports fan on the FanDom Sports app platform.” About Fandom Sports Media Corp. Fandom Sports Media Corp. is an aggregator, curator and producer of unique fan-focused content offered on a category-specific, social network and delivered through the Fandom Sports Media mobile app. We tap into the passion of fans by providing an engaging social platform for the world’s most enthusiastic sports fans to share, compare, moan, whine, gloat and trash talk about the sports, teams, players, fans and owners they love, hate and love to hate. Our unique approach will blend curated content with user- generated content while providing access to athletes and celebrities both on-line and at local sponsored events.

To find out about Fandom Sports Media, please contact investor relations at (604) 346-7613.

On Behalf of the Company “Blair Naughty” Blair Naughty, CEO For additional Information:

Fandom Sports Media Corp.

Blair Naughty Tel: 604-346-7613.

Email: info@fandomsportsmedia.com

FanDom Sports Media prepares to launch new Sports APP

FanDom drawing closer to full launch in major US markets

fanDom Sports app

FanDom drawing closer to full launch in major US markets

It all started with a lighthearted debate between husband and wife that ended in a draw, both sides claiming their friends would agree that they were right.  “Of course they would,” each thought, recognizing friends could hardly be relied upon to render an impartial judgement.  But from this stalemate emerged an idea: in our increasingly digital age, wouldn’t it be something if there were a virtual space to go where groups of people could provide a ruling?

The next step was to figure out how to apply this inspiration to the business world.  Blair Naughty, the husband side of that fortuitous quarrel, took the idea to friend and seasoned technology entrepreneur Bill McGraw, whose advice was to run with the concept but focus it on a particular set of consumers prone to taking sides.

Long story short, the two now run FanDom Sports Media Corp. (CSE:FDM), Naughty as CEO and McGraw as president.

FanDom’s business revolves around an app and supporting network that aims to function as the global center for sports chat.  “You won’t come to FanDom to find out the score,” explains McGraw.  “You’ll come to FanDom to find out what people are saying about the score.”

The FanDom concept goes well beyond conventional comment streams, its basic framework designed to supply the one element all high-traffic mobile apps need – a compulsion loop.  In layman’s terms, the compulsion loop is the particular thing about an app that keeps people coming back.  It’s what prevents you from putting down the game you are playing, even though you know that there are more productive things you could be doing with your time.

Compulsion loops are pretty complex things, based on a deep understanding of the sociology of your core user base.  For FanDom, the compulsion loop is an environment in which users essentially become players who compete in multiple ways to determine a result important to them as sports fans.

FanDom users will vote on arguments, taking one side or the other and betting on the outcome with virtual currency.  But don’t mistake this for a gambling app, because that’s definitely not what it is.

All FanDom users will initially receive virtual currency to use for betting on debates.  The more you contribute to discussions and the better you are at choosing winners, the more currency you will stockpile and the higher your standing will be on the platform.

There are many personality profiles to whom this could appeal, but imagine the sports enthusiast who thinks he knows just as much, if not more, about his favorite teams as the pundits…or even the coaches.  On FanDom, you’ll not only get to offer your opinion in the comment streams but also wager on and influence the outcomes of debates on a variety of topics.  Think you’re right?  Prove it.

“Our initial challenge will be to ensure we have enough content,” says McGraw.  “If I vote on eight or nine topics during my morning commute and then look again at lunchtime, there had better be some different opinions in there, because if it is the same ones I’ll conclude that this isn’t much fun.”

Getting off to a strong start will surely be important, and while the app itself is only just heading into beta phase, the game plan for quickly establishing a committed user base is ready to go.

Part of the plan is to dovetail the initial app launch with primetime on the sports calendar.

“Football is starting soon, as well as hockey and then basketball, and of course we have the Major League Baseball playoffs,” explains McGraw.  “We have a pre-launch plan that will integrate with events at some major universities.  We’d look to do a regional launch in Southern California, then move to the top 15 to 20 population centers in the United States.  From there it should begin to generate its own momentum.”

Once critical mass is reached, McGraw says that FanDom has multiple monetization levers it can pull, some conventional, such as online advertising, and others reflecting the unique dynamics of the FanDom app.  Examples in the latter category could include sponsorships when FanDom builds discussions around a major sports figure who participates actively on the platform.

Merchandising is another opportunity.  “With some things you end up making more money by tying what goes on in the app to what is going on offline,” says McGraw.  “I have been doing this for many years and can tell you that there is no magic bullet.  You just have to go back in day after day and look for a new place to generate traffic and monetize.  You have to let the content people do what they do, and another side of the team has to become the monetization engine.”

Scores of apps are put on the Apple and Android stores every day, but a miniscule percentage have the quality of team behind them that FanDom enjoys.  McGraw has stickhandled the launches of over 30 games and mobile apps.  Other team members bring decades of game development, online marketing, athlete management and branding experience.  The athletes McGraw says the company is lining up participation agreements with are almost all household names.  The potential for creating buzz is enormous.

The trick will be to take that buzz and shape it in such a way as to leverage it optimally for FanDom, its users, as well as its athlete participants and their sponsors, a process that will require observation plus more than a little trial and error.  “My experience tells me that whatever we end up building, the consumer will use it in different ways than we anticipate.  Or the areas we did not think would be that popular will be, or vice versa.  Having the team in place that we do gives us the best cut at it to begin with and then we can iterate on that as we go.”

An important aspect of the platform McGraw is confident predicting the course of, however, is that FanDom automatically roots out users who behave inappropriately, which will be welcome news to anyone who has noticed that sports comment streams often devolve into personal bicker-fests.  “We will have some moderation of comments, but the testing we have done shows that the whole point of coming to FanDom is to vote ideas up or down,” says McGraw.  “Selfish, misogynistic or threatening comments simply fall down the stream and get no attention, because there is no reason to vote on them.”

That will be significant because part of the plan calls for extending beyond the mobile screens of individual users to the televisions in venues where broadcasts are viewed by the public.  Think fans at a bar in Boston debating with their counterparts in Los Angeles ahead of a big game between teams from the two cities.

On a bus, on a train, in the airport lounge or sitting at home with your pals, FanDom aims to give everyday people a chance to be part of the action.  Perhaps not to the point of donning a uniform and stepping on the field, but to have a voice in an arena with rules, time limits and participants of varying skill is in some ways like an actual game.  Real sports fans care passionately about their teams.  McGraw is betting that many of them will care enough to carry that passion into FanDom.

Connecting With Sports Fans Remotely? There’s An App For That

Connecting With Sports Fans Remotely? There’s An App For That

Once again, the ever-changing digital world continues to revolutionize common activities.

Fandom Sports Media (OTC:FDMSF), a digital technology development company with locations in the U.S. and Canada, designed the FanDom app to allow sports fanatics to interact over their common athletic interests. App users can converse and comment on sports teams, players, games, and the like.

Fandom designed the app to fill a market need. According to the entity, “We live in an age when everyone wants and demands a voice. They want their opinion to be broadcasted and heard. We are giving the public their platform.”

Fandom boasts multiple revenue streams including ad space sales, app purchases, and local and national sponsorship. The company opted to white label its app product to trim costs, improve marketing operations, decrease inefficiencies, and increase exposure thereby retaining customers.

Fandom’s leadership portfolio highlights a variety of relevant backgrounds. The company’s board of advisors includes World Series Baseball Ring holder Royce Clayton and UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo.

Benzinga Article 08/19/2016

FanDom Sports Media announces UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo to their Advisory Board

Santa Monica, CA-  FanDom Sports Media announces UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo to their Advisory Board.

FanDom Sports Media (OTCQB: FDMSF), an aggregator, curator and producer of unique fan-focused content, today announced the appointment of UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo to their Advisory Board. Edmond Bilbasoo appointment expands the Advisory Board which also includes MLB All Star team member and World Series Ring winner Royce Clayton.

FanDom Sports App

FanDom Sports Media is planning on launching their new FanDom Sports App in October to coincide with the MLB playoffs and the beginning of the NFL Season.

The FanDom App brings together interactive debate features and “off the field” content that all sports fans – from hard core sports fanatics, part-time gamers, and sports lifestyle enthusiasts.

edmond bilbasoo
“Edmond Bilbasoo is a legend in the UFC world, we are excited to have him as part of our Advisory board and know that his experience and his knowledge will help propel our Brand name further.”
Blair Naughty C.E.O. Fandom Sports Media


FanDom Sports Media recently changed their name from Hatch Interactive Technologies and launched on the OCTQB under the symbol $FDMSF

Edmond Bilbasoo is a lifelong Martial Arts trainer and fighter with an extensive Muay Thai background. He has worked with numerous professional and amateur fighters in Muay Thai. Bilbasoo is also a well-recognized striking coach for UFC fighters, including Urijah Faber, Tyron Woodley and Paige Van Zant. In 2015, Bilbasoo appeared on national TV as the Muay Thai trainer for Urijah Faber’s team against Conor McGregor in the sports reality show The Ultimate Fighting Champion for the Fox Sports Network.

Royce Clayton MLB ALL Star

Royce Clayton is a sports agent and brand ambassador for various companies. Mr. Clayton was a major league baseball player for 17 years. He was selected to the MLB All Star team and has won a World Series ring. Upon retirement, Royce set up MUSIQ Locker, along with Snoop Dogg & LL Cool J. MUSIQ Locker signed an exclusive deal with the MLB Players Association to produce custom walk-up songs for every interested major leaguer. Royce’s company recently produced songs for Chris Carter and Jimmy Rollins, and has tunes for David Ortiz and other MLB stars.


Investor Relations Information 

Accredited Investor Information


News Releases — FanDom Sports

July 27, 2016


Vancouver, British Columbia, July 27, 2016 – Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp. (the (“Company”) is pleased to announce that it received Shareholder approval at its recent Annual General and Special Meeting to proceed with a name change to FanDom Sports Media Corp. The change of name will better align its unique and foremost product offering, the FanDom Sports mobile app with the Company.

It is anticipated that the Company’s shares will commence trading under its new name and cusip at the opening on August 3, 2016. The symbol FDM has been reserved for Fandom Sports Media Corp.

Results of the Company’s Annual General and Special Meeting
In addition, Hatch is pleased to announce the results of its Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders held Thursday, July 21, 2016 where all ordinary and special resolutions put to shareholders were duly passed.

Election of Directors
The number of directors for election was set at five and the Company is pleased to announce the election of Blair L. Naughty, William McGraw, Adrian Crook, Tristan Brett and Scott Keeney.

Appointment of Auditor
Dale, Matheson, Carr-Hilton, Labonte LLP, has been appointed as auditor of the Company for the ensuing year and the board of directors has been authorized to fix their remuneration.

Stock Option Plan
The Company’s 10% rolling stock option plan previously adopted was approved by an ordinary resolution of shareholders.

Alteration of Articles
Shareholders passed a special resolution to delete and replace part 9 of the Company’s Articles for better efficiency and in order to better reflect the current provisions of the BC Business Corporations Act (the “BCBCA”). This amendment will allow the directors to alter the Company’s share capital, change the name of the Company and make other alterations to the Articles if the Articles do not specify another type of

Name Change
Shareholder’s passed a special resolution to change the Company’s name to FanDom Sports Media Corp. and the directors’ were given the authority to proceed or revoke the special resolution without further shareholder approval.

About Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp.

Hatch Interactive Technologies is an aggregator, curator and producer of unique fan-focused content offered on a category-specific, social network and delivered through a companion mobile app. We tap into the passion of fans by providing an engaging social platform for the world’s most enthusiastic sports fans to share, compare, moan, whine, gloat and trash talk about the sports, teams, players, fans and owners they love, hate and love to hate. Our unique approach will blend curated content with usergenerated content while providing access to athletes and celebrities both on-line and at local sponsored events.

To find out more about Hatch, please contact investor relations at 604-346-7613.

You may also visit the Company’s website at www.hatchitech.com .

On Behalf of the Company
“Blair Naughty”
Blair Naughty, CEO

For additional Information:
Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp.
Blair Naughty
Tel: 604-346-7613.
Email: info@hatchitech.com

DISCLAIMER: The CSE has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy and accuracy of this information. This news release may contain forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements do not guarantee future events or performance and should not be relied upon. Actual outcomes may differ materially due to any number of factors and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the Company’s control. Some of these risks and uncertainties may be described in the Company’s corporate filings (posted at www.sedar.com).

Fandom Sports Media. – revolutionising sports via social media

Fandom Sports Media. formerly Hatch Interactive Technologies – revolutionising sports via social media.

Undoubtedly, the proliferation of social media over the past decade has revolutionized our culture and has impacted nearly every industry in the way they market their offerings and communicate with clients. One area of popular culture that has been dynamically impacted by social media is sport, and the sporting industry has had to adapt as a result. Nearly every team, league and sports association has a social media presence hosted across several platforms that they use to engage their current fans and attract new audience members who are heavily influenced by quality social content (think millennials). The athletes themselves have particularly embraced social media, as it provides them with an outlet to express their opinions, interact with fans and display their personality in a bid to become more popular and, when done correctly, become more marketable.

It is now commonplace to watch sporting events using at least two screens: the television displaying the game and the mobile device being used to research stats, trends and review the scores of concurrent events. In fact, “77% of us now watch TV with a laptop, phone, or tablet nearby” (Yorke & Greenwood, 2014). Common platforms include Twitter to engage in discussion and interact with fellow sports fans, journalists and players, YouTube to live stream sports and watch highlights, and soon Facebook will launch its Facebook Sports Stadium product which will target football fans.

Along with the strengths each of these social platforms boasts, they all share one identifiable weakness that can be summarized in a word – clutter. None of these platforms holds as its primary goal the desire to host the premier sport viewing / interaction product on the market. The result is an often disorganized inventory of low quality sport content and intermingled interactions between casual sports fans, uninformed bloggers and internet “trolls”.

For one particular group of sports fan – the “super fan” – this bungled system does not meet their needs. The super fan is the “intensely loyal supporter that displays an unrivaled passion and is driven to connect with other fans” (Globe & Mail, 2015). For this group, sorting through the clutter of uninformed opinions, grainy highlight videos and unrelated content that flourishes on these platforms is both inefficient and unsatisfying, as they are often left underappreciated for their knowledge and passion of the game and team they support.

Fandom Sports Media Formerly Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp.

Fandom Sports Media formerly Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp.  (CSE: FDM) (OTC-FDMSF) (Frankfurt-TQ42) is solving this problem with their latest product, FanDom Sports. A mobile application set to launch later this month, FanDom Sports is a fan engagement platform that gives users the ability to interact and challenge fellow sports fanatics, bloggers, athletes and tastemakers to debate on the most current sports related topics while being rewarded for their participation. FanDom Sports operates on a mobile device (Android or IOS) targeting the underserved super fan market, and will allow this group to interact, debate and argue their sporting opinions in a structured way.

The FanDom Sports social platform is highly innovative and solves the problem of users not being able to effectively interact with fellow sports enthusiasts in an organized, curated manner. With a current bid price of 0.110 and visible upward trending over the past 6 months, FanDom represents an excellent investment for individuals pursuing technology-focused stocks for the following reasons:

  • Alignment with target market needs
  • Ability to monetize on several fronts
  • Experienced management team with extensive networking capabilities in the sporting industry

Market Alignment

In a comprehensive report published by Loughborough University studying the social media habits of millennials, the researchers found that “Male Massive Fans (super fans) report spending 2.5 hours on social media a day, with 72% of that time on sports content” (Loughborough University, 2015). Hatch’s FanDom Sports platform has the potential to garner a significant portion of the time super fans are spending viewing sport related social media content because of the authoritative content it will distribute to users. The current platforms are inadequate for the super fan and the problem, as identified by Blair Naughty – CEO, is that “Currently, users are hitting social channels and old school board to get their voices heard, and this is like screaming down a never ending well. Comment sections after articles get bloated with chatter, great comments get lost and there is no real resolution.” FanDom Sports will be selective and streamline its content to ensure authenticity and respectability.

FanDom Sports intends to partner with sports teams, television networks, and popular online sports personalities to bring a unique argument engine platform to their fan bases and to increase user engagement. Using this structured approach, the platform will primarily source opinions and content from respected authorities and knowledgeable sources. This effectively eliminates the clutter problem inherent in the mainstream social media sport platforms, as the super fan can be confident that the content housed in FanDom Sports is authentic. Such an approach is supported by Loughborough University’s research, which found that millennial sports fans want a rich breadth of content, but they also want it to be authentic and they want the content to be real time and on demand (Loughborough University, 2015). A mix of branded content from teams and leagues, professionally published content from bloggers and journalists and opinionated short and long posts from super fan will supply the type of articles and posts our users are seeking. This strategy will pull users from the currently available, cluttered platforms of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Monetization Capacity

FanDom Sports Media has identified multiple revenue streams, from the selling of advertising space, sponsorship (local & national) and in app purchases with the FanDom Sports app.

As FanDom Sports continues to accomplish its goal of attracting super fans to engage on the platform, advertisers will become increasingly interested in purchasing ad space on the app. With the breadth of marketing channels available, teams, leagues and sports marketers are allocating their budget to the platform that will offer the most targeted space available to reach its primary consumers. It is logical to forecast that with FanDom Sports existing to attract super fans, parties interested in promoting their sporting related products and services will flock to FanDom Sports as a premier marketing platform because of the dedicated super fan audience it engages. With categories and pages dedicated to specific sports, leagues, teams and possibly players, FanDom Sports will be able to offer extremely niche marketing opportunities and will likely be able to charge a premium advertising rate for access to clients that are clearly interested in the marketer’s goods.

A key feature of the App will be the videos, comments, opinions and articles that its users and professional athletes and tastemakers post to the platform. This content forms a robust data source that can be aggregated to develop analytics for external marketers to operate target campaigns. CEO Blair Naughty notes that the data the company collects will direct sponsors and brand partners toward developing tailored marketing campaigns that will engage users through the platform. Opportunities may arise for the data to be used by marketers outside of the FanDom Sports app, at which point the generation of revenue via the mining of data becomes possible.

Another primary source of revenue will arrive through native advertising, which will likely take the form of sponsored content published by the Company’s marketing clients. These content sponsorship opportunities will become especially useful for medium sized businesses that want to attract sports fans but can’t access traditional channels such as arena sponsorship or television advertisement. With the super fans engaged in the content published by these businesses, FanDom Sports will be able to offer a prime stage for leads to loyal consumers.

Management Team

Fandom Sports Media boasts a strong management team with over 60 years combined experience in the tech sector. The management team is comprised of individuals who have been accredited with with many successes in the app and game industry, along with individuals who have flourished in the finance and securities sectors who have the ability to support the Company’s access to capital internationally.

Originally headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Company recently moved to Santa Monica, California where it will have greater access to employee talent and the ability to form strategic partnerships. The State of California currently has 18 major professional sports franchises, far more than any other U.S. state, along with a thriving mixed martial arts and extreme sports (i.e. surfing) sector. Further, “the Company has been accepted into a business accelerator program in the Los Angeles area, which will afford better exposure to potential business and financing partners” (Globe Small Cap, 2016). Geographically speaking, this is an important move toward establishing FanDom Sports as a premier app for super fans in the sporting industry and operationally speaking, the greater access to personnel (Silicon Valley) and capital is imperative.

Two recent additions to FanDoms team prove to be very interesting and showcase the Company’s ability to attract highly valuable talent. Former professional baseball player Royce Clayton was appointed to FanDoms Advisory Board in early May. Mr. Clayton spent 17 seasons in the MLB playing for 11 different teams along with being named an all-star. He has pursued a variety of commercial and entertainment opportunities following his retirement. As you might speculate, a professional athlete with 17 years of experience will undoubtedly have a massive network of contacts to draw on to support FanDom Sports financially and through various promotional and marketing channels.

On May 9th, the Company announced that multi-talented music producer Scott Keeney, better known by his stage name DJ SKEE, had been appointed to Hatch’s Board of Directors. Recognized as one of the most influential figures in today’s entertainment business by both Forbes and Billboard magazine, DJ SKEE has had a successful career in the entertainment, commercial and sport industries. Mark Cuban referred to SKEE as “the Oprah of the music industry”. He has been involved with a range of marketing campaigns than span several business sectors and has worked with athletes and teams across all sporting organizations, including the Los Angeles Lakers who used his song Purp & Yellow as their theme song for the 2011 season. DJ SKEE’s vast network of contacts in the entertainment and sporting industries, along with his experience in the area of marketing and promotion will prove invaluable to FanDom Sports Media and the development of FanDom Sports.


FanDom Sports mobile app has the potential to draw hundreds of thousands of users who identify themselves as sporting super fans. With the app set to launch later this month (June), the Company will begin seeing tangible financial returns on their investments and efforts. What this means for our readers is that now is probably the time to invest in Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTC-FDMSF) (Frankfurt TQ42). The Company has seen steady gains in its share price over the past six months and once users begin to access its FanDom Sports app, the share price growth should continue.

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We Put Sports Fans Back In The Game

Fandom Sports App lets fans interact, discuss and comment on their favorite Sports Teams. Fandom Sports App is a Sports bar in the palm of your hand.