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Hatch Interactive Now FanDom Sports Media delivers its first App.
Launching in January 2017.


FanDom Sports Media has a management team with all the requisite skills to make FanDom a major player in the sports entertainment industry. The board of directors has a mix of strengths and experience in both the public markets and the tech sector. The board is well decorated with awards earned through work on past apps and games.

The Company has identified multiple revenue streams, from the selling of ad space, sponsorships (both local & national) and in-app purchases within the FanDom Sports App. The app was also built as a widget, which will enable sports teams to implement FanDom’s “white label” back end Argument Engine™ on their own team apps to promote more engagement, i.e. increased “stickiness” with their fans.

FanDom Sports Media is set to make a major announcement regarding their development team. The announcement will solidify the strength of this app. FanDom Sports Media will be bringing to their team the creator of one of the most successful gaming apps.


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Hall Of Fame Celebrities Atheltes

don frye fandom sportsFanDom Sports has already partnered with legends in the sporting world  to help make FanDom Sport Fans engage.  Hall of fame celebrities from Baseball, Basketball and UFC are on board already. This helps make a solid base for a cross section of the the sporting to engage.

Last week Fandom Sports Media announced that UFC legend Don Frye would be hosing a twice weekly show to interact with fans and discuss all things UFC and beyond.

More Sports Favorites will be added along with special features for fans to interact with their sports idols, along with sponsorship deals from major sports agencies.

FadDom Sports are testing features and building a platform that will bring user experience to new levels in the app world.

This app will be for sports fans who want their voice to be heard.

FanDom Sports is set to launch an aggressive marketing and media blitz in October to help gain users, build exposure and introduce more celebrity guests.



Our revenue model is based on delivering quality content that is relevant to advertiser’s target audiences while engaging all levels of sports “fandom.” The FanDom Sports App is designed to support multiple revenue streams:

  • Traditional advertising units (pre-roll, post-roll, banners, buttons)
  • Sponsorship (local & national), including events that bring FanDom users together in the real world
  • Custom branded content, in particular under FanDom Life section where we will match advertisers/brands with athletes, celebs and/or fans to create compelling original sports-themed content
  • In-app purchases that allow users to gain status in the “Sport Court” for exclusive posting privileges/content, prizes, and invitations to sponsored events
  • Bloggers, pundits, athletes and tastemakers can all get involved as a content (argument) contributor for the FanDom Sports App. As an argument contributor, you will share in sponsorship and ad revenue based on traffic and user activity.
Edmond Bilbasoo

Edmond Bilbasoo

UFC Coach

Edmond Bilbasoo is a lifelong Martial Arts trainer and fighter with an extensive Muay Thai background. He has worked with numerous professional and amateur fighters in Muay Thai. Bilbasoo is also a well-recognized striking coach for UFC fighters, including Urijah Faber, Tyron Woodley and Paige Van Zant. In 2015, Bilbasoo appeared on national TV as the Muay Thai trainer for Urijah Faber’s team against Conor McGregor in the sports reality show The Ultimate Fighting Champion for the Fox Sports Network.

    royce clayton

    Royce Clayton

    MLB All Star

    Royce Clayton is a sports agent and brand ambassador for various companies. Mr. Clayton was a major league baseball player for 17 years. He was selected to the MLB All Star team and has won a World Series ring. Upon retirement, Royce set up MUSIQ Locker, along with Snoop Dogg & LL Cool J. MUSIQ Locker signed an exclusive deal with the MLB Players Association to produce custom walk-up songs for every interested major leaguer. Royce’s company recently produced songs for Chris Carter and Jimmy Rollins, and has tunes for David Ortiz and other MLB stars.


      Shelia Romana


      With over 20 years’ experience in marketing & publicity, Sheila is a veteran at targeting male audiences and sports fans. As a former marketing exec at NBC, Sheila oversaw development and execution of large-scale national advertising campaigns for MSNBC,, NBC Cable Networks,, and the NBC Olympic coverage. Through her own company, RMS, she has led digital PR campaigns for UFC, “The Walking Dead”, “Black Sails”, “Inglorious Bastards” and dozens of independent horror, action and sci-fi movies, and other male-skewing genres.

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        • A unique sports-related debate resolution platform targeting all kinds of sports fans.
        • Explosive growth in sector anticipated.
        • Strong management team with many years combined experience.
        • Technical team accredited with many successes within the app and game industries.
        • Excellent access to capital internationally.




        Accredited Investors Invest Here

        Contact us if you would like to know about Private Investment Opportunities in FanDom Sports Media.

        Recent Mega App Launches




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        Angry Birds

        Angry Birds became an phenomenon in 2009-2011.

        This App Boasted 263 Million active users  in 2013 and has launched further apps.

        The power of social media apps with in-app purchases make high returns on investments ensure that investors will see great ROI.

        There are currently 2.6 Billion Active Social Media Users.

        hatch-social-media-users-640x361Think of how many of these are sports fans. Sports fans spend 3 hrs a day researching, watching and enjoying sports.

        The Fandom Sports app captures passion of the fans with real time social engagement.





        We Put Sports Fans Back In The Game

        Fandom Sports App lets fans interact, discuss and comment on their favorite Sports Teams. Fandom Sports App is a Sports bar in the palm of your hand.